Combustion, from Craig Mee

October 17, 2010 |

 For the currency traders, AUDYEN, trading in a two big figure range for now over 1 month, got me looking at the elements in combustion .

No doubt the organic compounds are building up, and a production of light in the form of a explosion in price will be on us soon.

(A quick glance over the last two years has not seen such a period of drought in this market…though 2007 April and May brought about such an occurence, where the result was trend continutaion for 7 big figures in approx the same time 6 weeks as the consolidation)

A loaded Aussie and likewise Yen against the perils of the usd have created a unique atmosphere if not the perfect storm, where we maybe in the eye at the moment.

We await the outcome and hope for direct winds and a full spinaker and not many crosscurrents on the break to prevail.


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