Cars of Today, from Jim Lackey

September 7, 2010 |

67 CamaroSafety caused a change in driver behavior. My 1st vehicle was a full size Chevy van as my dad knew I would wreck or race any car. My 3rd car was a 67 Camaro and was so dangerous I had to drive it slow.

The cars of today are so safe we do not realize how fast we are traveling. Turn off the tunes, books on tape, and roll down all the windows. The cars are so safe and quiet today, stick your head out the window at 45 mph, or look down at 70mph and wonder what it would feel like to hit the street at that speed falling off a motorcycle. It's fast. But today the cruise set at 74MPH ticket free interstate travel feels like we are barley crawling along. I must do 88MPH to get me to pay attention to detail vs. falling asleep on a long drive.

I hate mandates but some of it sure worked for cars. I'd say Germany was the best place to drive. They have two deals we need to adopt. Much stricter driver training. Much stricter speeding laws fines for speeding or crashes and you're certain to stick to 100K's or 62 int he zone or lose a months Army pay. That and with lights that turn yellow before green– Get ready set GO instead of me honking my horn at your Ipod playing kids but to go on the green light.

2cnd thing Germany has is when it makes sense for me to got 100MPH. Yes it's safe if you're focused and do not have cup holders. I see roads here in the US that I can land a 737 Jet on them, no traffic 5 lanes and its posted 55mph. Stupid. 55 is for junk roads. MPH range needs to be 69-74. Post it up 70 MPH and 75 and over is 500 fine…if you can afford it cool, if not you pay.

Also please do away with drunk driving. Let's just make it a rule. Medicine or not– one beer, one drink– you can't drive. No more 2 beer rules designed to raise revenue for the courts. You drink you drive no more. Period.


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