If anyone knows of energy companies that would like to display their products at the Wharton Energy Conference this year, please let me know. Stephanie Nieto, whom I brought to the Spec Party this year is hosting exhibiting companies.

Pitt T. Maner III:


It was nice to meet you and Stephanie at the Spec Parties. I am hoping to maybe get up to Boston with my friend Martin Conroy to watch him compete in the Head of the Charles and hope to see you there too if you go.

In thinking of the Wharton conference:

As one of those long shot, nutty, literally " Don Quixote chasing windmills", sub-penny investments I have a few shares in Helix Wind, HXLW.OB. They have an interesting technology "if " they can get it patented and improve on it.

CEO seems to be a skilled marketing type fellow but the stock imploded last year and you can probably tell the way it is setup if it has any viability or chance to survive. But Helix Wind is an eye catcher, "work of art" concept that brings a product with a small footprint, low noise, efficiency from wind in all directions, etc. and I have seen Target for instance in S. Florida show interest in small, vertical wind turbines (fitted into their signs) to run power to individual stores and save on their electric bills.

On another note, large, diesel-powered, portable generators for businesses and condos in S Florida became much more more prevalent after Hurricane Wilma hit several years ago. Once winds hit about 50 mph you can count on the power to go off here in West Palm Beach for days if not weeks in some cases.

With respect to Canada the stocks that used to interest me were CFK (drilling mud and supplies and tool expertise) and the driller Precision Drilling (PDS). Those are business areas that require a lot of expertise and experience and offer significant barriers to entry. But probably would tend to favor PTEN and the beaten up offshore drillers—DO, NE, RIG, etc. and good old SLB now as stocks to think about for slightly longer term given a potential rebound in energy and perhaps a return to more favorable regulatory environment. Definitely a boom /bust business cycle and one requiring much research.

Good luck with the conference.

Best regards,



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