Nice Timing, from Jim Lackey

August 27, 2010 |

 Nice timing on the INTC news and reports from Jackson Hole… Nice halt "gee thanks". Not sure if it was straight flexion con or I just got hijacked from mobs or… both.

Let me be more explicit:

A few semis were making highs before Bernake text. BOOM INTC gets halted then Bernake text. I had zero leverage and was down 2% in one tick. SNP rallied 5 off the lows and the stocks fell more…yikes.

Come on after all these downs then INTC opens after the halt not down much after all of intc down days. Then it's a mad dash for those to cover. SNP goes back up on the day. Too many tech stocks that were up on the day were still down.

By the time SNP is up 5 nazz comp only up 5 or 1-1. Then finally 11am boyz come in and buy indexes and nazz goes 2-1 up vs spx and all is back to pre hijack highs.

Good thing I know exactly what to do.if I had to think about any of it for 4 tenth of a second I'd be called out on strikes looking.


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