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August 24, 2010 |

On a related note, not to diminish from the honoring of any one of our own, but perhaps to add to it, may I remind the list that two weeks ago today, August 9th, was the 3rd anniversary of the passing of our dear friend, John Kuhn.

I had intended to note that anniversary on the date, but for the life of me, could not. It was simply to difficult to write about it on that day. Please excuse the personal anecdote, but I do recall sitting in a hotel room in Milwaukee that day in '07, slumping in my chair, stunned to read Laurel's note advising of JK's death. My wife, who was in the room on a conference call at the time, noted my distress, and mouthed 'what's wrong?' I wrote her a note, simply, 'my friend John Kuhn died.'

JK was different than Bill, as we are all different from one another, but, also very much like him in that he was a man among men. Always that infectious beaming smile and a kind word for those he called friend, JK was a decent and generous spirit. He shared information willingly and contributed to our betterment with his insightful thoughts. John was one of those refreshing individuals who was never divisive nor derisive, who never preached nor engaged in pettiness. Nor did he toss about platitudes or hyperbole. JK was a good listener and very simply spoke when he had a question to ask or something meaningful to say, a quality all of us might strive to achieve.

I'd been thinking a lot about JK during the month of July and figured it must have been the coming anniversary of his passing that had crept into my head, though I couldn't remember the exact date. In a computer crash, that email had been lost from the archives, so I asked our good friend Dr. Lack, whom I suspect would not view this next as a betrayal of confidence, he said "August 9th 2007 Laurel wrote to list John passed", then he added, "I loved that dude."

It can't be said any better or more succinctly than that. Yes, as we loved Bill, so did I love JK, as did many others here who knew him, especially Jeff, his dear friend and business partner. And, yes, JK and Bill will both be missed, but they will not be forgotten.

Thanks for the indulgence in the middle of a trading day.

Victor Niederhoffer adds:

John was a giant like a Rabelaisian Gargantua. Knew everything about life. Loved all sports. Great intellect. Beautiful mind. Appreciated all aspects of life to full. Knew everything about the high and the little. Always ready to experiment and add his creative touch. Had many pleasant visits with him on his trips to perfect his table tennis game. Gave me the pleasure of saying that while he had visited the homes of many centions, had never seen a museum home like one in Weston. But had a compliment of that nature that would leave one beaming for life for everyone. 





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