I was just doing some work on Intel. (I have a small position and added to it this morning.)

Before the open, Intel announced the cash purchase of McAfee at a substantial premium to its closing price. They paid a 2.7B$ premium to MFE's close, and the market immediately took $3.7B off the market cap of Intel. (This was before the market went down a lot.) So this means that the value of MFE inside of Intel is worth less than the value of MFE outside of Intel. This is not entirely crazy, but it doesn't smell right to me.

It means that the market place:

1) Puts more value on the cash that was sitting inside of Intel than on yesterday's market cap of MFE … or

20 it believes that Intel will harm MFE's business.

Vincent Andres comments:

Maybe the "substantial premium" (60% !) has been considered as shocking in today's mood. (Not considering if the deal is good or not) was such a premium really necessary to make the deal? Kind of bad execution? 





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