Gold jewelry in ancient EgyptBeing a trader and not a math guy like our host I may not be able to prove there is or is not a seasonal pattern for gold to rally in August, but I am impressed when I create a seasonal chart for Au from inception to 2000 and see what looks like such a general pattern. I then run the same tool on data from 2000 to date and see about the same thing and, then again, I am very prejudiced on this seasonal concept as I wrote the first book ever on seasonal studies and even way back then we saw this pattern in gold. So to me it seems there is–at times–a trading advantage or bias here. (plus I am long as this is written from 8/11). My views on seasonals have altered since that 1973 book quite a bit; seasonals are not a mandatory thing but often offer confirmation and a suggestion of what is in store.

I have tried to attach charts to illustrate this point but size is to large (will send if you just have to have them), it is different opinions that make for horse races.

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Victor Niederhoffer says:

The handball senator said about seasonality, the chair agrees with
the senator. I was too hasty involved in a position. With humble mien.





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