the ipad bookshelfIn a moment of surrender to momentum investing, I recently purchased an iPad (the gadget, not the stock). Its greatest attribute as a book-reader is the ability to adjust both font-size and background lighting. Balanced against the missing tactile pleasure of a fine book, is the pleasure of not needing reading glasses. Its other virtue is the embedded dictionary– enabling one to click on an obscure word and instantly get a definition.

One can access both the 676,061 titles in the Amazon/Kindle library and the somewhat smaller Apple/iMac bookstore. The Kathy Schulz "Being Wrong" text is there– but most of Vic's other books are not yet available in E-format. Arbitrageurs will appreciate that the Kindle Store has free book collections including Dracula, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and sundry other classics. Many popular magazines are available for purchase, which means that "reducing my carbon footprint" is no longer a valid excuse to avoid driving into town to buy Barrons.

Birdcages throughout the land must be feeling the pain. Hence there may be a Cockatiel "pairs trade" here….?





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