Being Wrong by Kathryn Schulz [cat]

Horse Trading by Ben Green [cat]

Analyzing Multivariate Data, J. Latvin [cat]

S&P Security Price Index Record [cat]

On Fencing, Nadi [cat]

Conceptual Physics, Hewitt [cat]

The Ticker, volume two [cat]

Short Novels of Jack Schaefer [cat]

Difference Equations, Paul Cull [cat]

State of Humanity, Simon [cat]

Introduction to Biomathematics, Robeva Kirkwood et al. [cat]

Modeling Dynamics, Adler [cat]

Musimathics, Loy [cat]

An Introduction to Regression Graphics, Cook [cat]

The Energy of Nature, Pielou [cat]

Biological Invasions, Williamson [cat]

Epidemic Modeling, Daley [cat]

Science of Swimming, Counsilman [cat]

Fifty Years of Wall Street, Henry Clews [cat]

Court Martial of Mackenzie [cat]

Checklist Manifesto, Gawande [cat]

Fourteen Methods Magazine of Wall Street [cat]

Wall Street Stories, Lefevre [cat]

Makers of Modern Strategy, Paret [cat]

Elements of Forecasting, Diebold [cat]

Statistical Methods in Psychology, Howell [cat]

The New Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract, James [cat]

Stocks and Shares, Withers [cat]

Price Theory, Landsburg [cat]

Price Theory, Friedman [cat]

Discrete Mathematics, Rosen [cat]

Extraordinary Chemistry of Ordinary Things, Snyder [cat]

Conceptual Introduction to Chemistry, Bauer cat

Introduction to Sun and Stars, Green [cat]

Handbook of Linguistics, Aronoff [cat]

To Rule the Waves, Herman [cat]

Rainbows End the Crash of 1929, Klein [cat]

I would like to reread all of these if I had some good light and time and money.

Jim Sogi writes: 

Here is my current top shelf.

Wild Snow, by Louis Dawson (Classic ski descents North Am.)

Free Skiing, by Choukas (best encyclopedia on subject)

Glacier Mountaineering, Andy Tyson  (best book on subject)

Statistical Models, Freedman

R-Reference Manual, Vol I

Alaska Backcountry Skiing: Valdez & Thompson Pass  by Matt Kinney                                           





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