Soft Hands, from Craig Mee

August 16, 2010 |

Snowy mountains of new south walesDriving the car back from the snowy mountains in New South Wales Australia yesterday, made me contemplate the areas of trading that can not be taught and that are often overlooked. Though it's scary to admit, having travelled at times over a 500 kilometre stretch where at times I failed to remember any specifics of where I was due to chatting and listening to a Indian guru on some radio interview made me think that only due to my 20+ years on the road, can I be relatively safe in the knowledge that my checks and rechecks in being behind the drivers wheel had become automatic, and my safetly mechanisms, and "soft hand " approach had left me in relatively good hands….touch wood.and so be it with trading.

Not much is spoken of the ability that comes from time in the field that gives the infantry man an advantage when taking on full frontal attacks on a daily basis. Im not refering to gut feeling, but absolute awareness, that time (maybe the Malcolm Gladwell 10000 hour rule") allows you to achieve.





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