Norbert Wiener: CyberneticsDid you see the scene in Karate Kid where he gets the fly with a chopstick? Have you ever tried to swat a fly? Not easy. Flies operate at a smaller time scale than we do. We probably look like the sun moving across the sky to them. But you can still swat them. First some fly psychology such as Big Stinky where they love to party, but its a one way ticket. Or Jolt racket that zaps them. But you still need psychology for the Jolt by waving your hand on one side, then coming up on the other side as they try to escape and you can Jolt them.

Some of the smaller time frames and tick trading by computer illustrate a similar phenomenon. They are operating in a different time zone, and humans are not fast enough to see or concentrate. Chris sent me an analysis of the level that the exchanges are gaming each other. But they still operate under fixed rules of the system, and the lines, and are programmed by programmers with psychology. Because of the fixed rules they cannot be effectively adaptive immediately. The big May crash was an example. Perhaps they are reading current conditions quickly, but there may well be certain conditions outside their realm of observation or adaptation, like the flies.

The advantage the slow and complex organism has over the fast and simple one is a greater range of survivable conditions.


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