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The "YTD Ahead/Behind" is calculated by assigning each market a base index value of 100 as of 12/31/2009, then multiplying this base index value by the respective % change for the year (ex. +20% YTD would produce an index value of 120). Afterwards, the average of each league is calculated and subtracted from the individual current index levels to produce the amount ahead/behind.

"% up last 10" is the percentage of the last 10 sessions that were >0. For example, if 5/10 sessions were >0 this would register as 50%.

"Streak" is the consecutive number of wins/losses on a net change basis as of the most recent date. For example, W4 would mean a particular market was up the last 4 sessions. L2 would mean 2 down sessions in a row, etc.

FX league is calculated expressing USD per foreign currency.  This is done to normalize quotation methods across the currencies.  All are expressed such that a move higher (aka % change >0) is an appreciation of the foreign currency and a depreciation of the USD.  A % move <0 would be a USD gain at the expense of the foreign currency. 


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