GaltonOne is surprised to hear such positive talk about the poseur wild man who fired the collab and me for mentioning the word (one looks around three times) Galton. Wild, and following him is unprofitable according to published tests. Did not make above average returns in his hedge fund. Predictions don't work. Prone to pass on exonerating information about skin still in the game and losses thereon from deep sources in bank for which he worked. As far as one can see knows nothing about what works and what doesn't, and never tested a thing in his life.  Promotes with silly, sensible sounding words which have the unfortunate effect of making the public drop more. One must be alert to the stellar performance of his recommendations in the days preceding the show. Tends to be bearish when stocks go down, and bullish when they go up except when it will make news. Seems to have a good back up man to feed him info behind him. To his credit, however, apparently his other half is exactly the opposite, very sober and correct in her calls. Would suggest a reality show program as a substitute where they both give benefit of their insights, and back and forth. Gets the public in fever pitch when they should be the opposite, dour and skeptical and contrary. One wonders if one couldn't make money by buying all the stocks he says to short that get a public selling as the information content is apparently random (a condition which is all too common in myself and others).

Jim Lackey writes: 

Actually he has calmed down and one can't say he gives the public bad advice, as Mr Wiz changed my opinion three years ago when he said all he said was buy "best of breed" so I started reading his mumbo and you can't possibly go against. He makes 5,000 predictions a week. So yeah, still the same. Impossible to falsify, and yeah, I get your joke.

Alston Mabry writes: 

But Seein' BC is just trying to keep their ratings up! It's just business, nothing personal. As Don Emilio Barzini said in The Godfather: "He must let us draw the water from the well. Certainly, he can present a bill for such services. After all, we are not Communists."

Nigel Davies writes: 

I am surprised at the call for his dismissal. Given that markets are a minus sum game then liquidity producing suckers are desperately needed.


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