author Steve House of Beyond the MountainBeyond the Mountain by Steve House is about committed alpine style climbing of difficult mountains. He is willing to die to accomplish his goals. His goal is not just to climb the mountain but to do it in speed and style. The pain, both physical and mental, he endures is comparable to the struggle of the speculator and the will power and control to accomplish the lofty heights. He describes his struggle, his sacrifice, the failures. The accomplishments are self explanatory, but the commitment needed cuts deep. What sacrifices and failures are the price of success? We all have this difficult choice to make and the stakes are our lives.

Many of his failures actually allowed his survival. There is a point to turn back, and in a confused state the decision is difficult.

This is one of the best and deepest of recent books I have read.

Craig Mee comments:

Thanks James.

It is interesting, that particularly in the younger days, tunnel vision creeps in, and the longer and deeper that this continues for, usually due to failure, the more personal risk you're willing to sacrifice, and the deeper the tunnel.

As daylight emerges, you start to realise there is very little need to hold your breath and throw the dice with the huge downside you allowed for in the darkest days.


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