My family has decided we're doing a triathlon in September, so they're making me do stuff to get ready for it.

Well, tonight on my 16 mile bike ride (the most I've ridden a bike in 30+ years), I saw something that made me think of Mr. Sears:

I saw a juggling jogger! He was jogging and juggling sticks at the same time!

As luck would have it, he and and both got stopped at the same traffic light so I compelled to inquire about…..well you know…

He informed me that he loved to jog, but never felt like his arms got a good workout. So he started juggling while jogging. He says not only does he get a great workout from jogging, but his arms are also now getting a great workout too!

I figured this meant one of two things:

1. This gentleman has come up with a great new training technique, or

2. The end is near, because (and I'll have to check my scriptures to confirm this), I believe that juggling joggers are one of the 7 signs of the Coming Apocalypse.


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