College Board presidentA certain former collaborator just taught me how to spell mordant. I always thought it mordent. And it reminded me that in the old days on the college boards the favorite synonyms were xantippe, harridan, virago. Now you never see those words. The one thing you know about the college boards is that all the politically correct answers to the reading questions are the right ones. Other people know a lot more and have written books about it, but we will not mention that as often the idea that you can game the market the same way you can "Pam" from college boards is a lot easier in theory than practice.

But what are the market questions that they throw at you where the politically correct answer is always correct, or where as the author says the ones that the average smart person would answer is wrong, especially near the end of the test. I would hypothesize that anything that doesn't relate to greater revenues for the service, much needed when 100% of jobs nowadays come therefrom, is correct. What else?

Rocky Humbert comments: 

Mordent is a musical term. Mordant is a chemical term.

From the SAT Exam: "I whistled a mordent while dipping my T-shirt in my

Kim Zussman comments: 

What is the SAT word for a game which alternates randomly between cynicism and polemicism?


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