There is something about all the resolutions of tension that occurred at the end of week– the settlement of the flexionic self dealing for 1/100 of the benefits devolved from the flexions in charge, the news that the metals company down 80% from its high had beat earnings forecasts along with the 19th century dow standard with the silos also beating, the 10 year bond yields well below 3%. And the 30 year bond at a high, the reversing from peak to trough of bonds and stocks each week, the emphasis on lines other than earnings in the income statements, like expenses for Google and revenues for GE, the likely passage of the financial regulation book (certainly without the ability of the customer to take recourse beyond the exchange appointed arbiters or members themselves), the random numbers relating to consumer confidence which always follow the stock market move the previous month– that's sort of like the revulsion after romance that they say one experiences, or post partum depression that is deeply unsettling for the period before the service rates jump 100 % at the beginning of the next year, I think.


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