It is curious that in the last week or two we've seen the sudden redemption of long-held doers of bad/evil/wrong: "The Boss" by death, a flexion-laden firm by settlement, BP by capping the well, central bankers harvesting more power even as the economy crumbles in the shadow of their initiatives; a cosmic whitewashing seems afoot. Meanwhile, those who could long seem do no wrong: AAPL, a former community-organizing law professor *cum* agrarian politico, gold, LeBron James (at least in terms of public sentiment) etc. are facing reversals of fortune and downward revision of their overall estimation.

I will be looking to see if, among the handful of strategies I employ, those which have been underperforming revive while those which have thus far been adding value stumble.

David Wren-Hardin writes:

So you're saying I should take Tiger to win the Open?

Peter Earle responds:

Not at all; I would say, though, that Tiger's (self-inflicted, albeit with media and feminist help) extremely short-term transformation from cherished, model athlete to one-stop scourge of mankind is precisely the sort of inversion which seems to be occurring in cluster form over the last few days.

Also, [i]inconvenient[ly], the public perception of a particular ([n]oble) pseudo-climatologist.


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