Charlie BrownIt's nice to see after 7 up days the ramp in to the close. Who knew the G's would be so newsy. GOOG down the usual after reports, but the GS settlement, and yeah, we couldn't figure out how in the world the SPU was up for the hard 8, but GS provided the newsiness. But in the end as usual, the last minute the down day is tiny by 415. But if we can't trade over 1099.25 just like the lows weeks ago of 1002 ish– if we do not get the opportunity to play the round number games….ugggg! Charlie Brown. To all my bookie friends…have a happy and healthy expiry.

Mr. Lackey clarifies later:

I did not wish to imply the last hour move was good or bad, or brag that I was not short. What I meant is it is nice to see the markets are fair and the firms that bought the 4x normal last minutes blocks of a million or so shares are now in the black some 4 million bucks. Perhaps the SEC can use their half a billion fee fine and new regulations and power of finreg to see if anyone had knowledge of the settlement as it's all a fair game. 

p.s. glad all that mumbo is now over with. 


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