Americans have been able to sneak into Cuba from Mexico, but a lift of the travel ban might have some interesting economic effects. I have flown over Cuba on the way to Nicaragua and it is remarkable to see the apparent lack of development and the beautiful, pristine white sand beaches down there. Many Americans enjoyed the Cuba of the 50's and earlier but it is a bit of a dilemma now if one does not want to potentially help sustain continued corruption and dictatorship. But things might change quickly.

Earlier this month, senators of both political parties indicated they have sufficient votes to lift the American travel ban to Cuba. They said they plan to push legislation in the next few weeks to eliminate it.

President Barack Obama modified the travel restriction last year, allowing Cubans to visit their relatives in Cuba, but declined to rescind America’s decades-old embargo before the Caribbean nation ends its prosecution of political dissidents. Human rights have long been a sticking point in U.S.-Cuban relations.

Under existing law, American journalists and persons on humanitarian missions are permitted to travel to Cuba.

With little American presence there since the late 1950s, Cuba is considered a ripe market for U.S. hotel and service companies — a potentially profitable Caribbean playground.


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