I'd like to thank whoever it was that first recommended David Aronson's wonderful book Evidence Based Technical Analysis. We are finding it so useful that we are buying a copy for every employee (only three of us so no windfall, David). This book is so solid and well-written that it should be a must-read for everyone doing anything with statistical inference. It has already led to some changes in our research process that should make our results more robust.By the way, reading this site is certainly increasing my bill at Amazon. Henry Clews' book is the first thing that I read after joining the list (wonderful!), and I just received Tufte's "Visual Display of Quantitative Evidence".

Russ Herrold writes:

You're welcome! I received a 'review copy' through David, courtesy from Wiley. The book is thought provoking, educational without being obnoxous or intrusive as it instructs, and well worth the read.

Ken Drees writes:

There was a book thread posted a few weeks or so back that will maybe be archived in a different place on the website for quick review of spec's best book recommendations. I too have picked up some great reads from here.


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