Symmetry, from Jim Sogi

July 8, 2010 |

canarySome pretty awesome symmetry forming up this last month or so.

Chair commented before that the big down bars often seem to get mirrored by the big upside bars like today.

The other thing I've noticed is what a difference the next week makes. Last week the news stories were all end of the world, even trotting out Prechter. What a joke.

Why is it that a lot of big buying seems to occur at the highs?

As for pilot fish, seems like a big out of place vol bar is a good canary. (Sorry to mix metaphors.)

Nick White comments:

One would note that the sword in Asia has certainly not been sleeping since Friday…Therefore I would argue that such a rise as we saw in the S&P today is simply the US playing catch up with the Asian move from the holiday weekend.

I would also contend that there's a bit of relative catch up yet hanging in the stars.

Sushil Kedia writes:

How would a counter convert the concept of symmetry in prices over any time frames to testable hypotheses? I confess, I continue to have weaknesses in converting ideas to testable hypotheses. So, I will be learning from those who will share.

Pardon kindly if this next question diverts the thread to any other: How do folks like me sharpen our imagination to focus on converting vivid thinking to be able to arrive at testable hypotheses?



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