Dr..the day trader like a cop-er must file a report. Its not like the s&p and gold are hooked or gold would be 1080 or the s&p back to the highs.. Nor is the Dow an Nikkei and thank goodness we didn't go to 9700 today..not that the last full moon in May at 1070 want the bottom unless you had a 2% stop your really found the bottom under 1050..yea we just did 1130 but hope the next full moon shortly isnt the same 1170ish.. even if Dr copper is the new meme.I must point out the Dr did point out Bonds short and cost of carry wasnt the best idea cant remember when the short bond meme was around but I am certain the 30 yr future was no where near 125..one twenty five!It's known around the shoeless shop to be called Dr lack after I made a dumb trade which was…my Phd is losses. So Dr Copper made me laugh today. (as this entire post is a get the joke we are all happy to be alive this week)
and hope vic laughs because I still do when he wasn't pleased with my carelessness at times and Mr Vic always said "please never" the words for many days in a row is Magnitude please.

There was another good lesson "one must always wait" and that is why computers are so much better than day traders, computers do not get tired. What a week. I am shot, will the computers make another push? Are the programmers tired?

Word of the day was "dipsy doddle" and oldie but a goodie..

talk about old posts 2007 Mr roger said wait to refi you'll get 4%.. 4.62 today wowski. lack

Ps to the jokester lack, what does he got? Okay I got a meme for you AAPL is the opposite down with up and up with downs.. when it's close to a new hi lo intra day, do the opposite in the rest of your NDX stocks..(works for 5 minutes) or I have a much better idea take the NDX off your screen.. AAPL is now 20+% of the index and there is 7 kids in the NDX pits in Chicago and its all useless…and as Usual Tommy Ryan and Me are the last to get the joke lack


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