most likedOver the past several years I have been in four reading groups. In that time a number of selections have been duplicated. Most selections receive mixed reviews. A few appeal to just about every reader, a few others bomb with most.

Only one book was more enjoyed than "Water for Elephants"– "The Book Thief" (an honorable mention to "1000 Splendid Suns.")

The runaway winner on the Most Disliked List: "The Lovely Bones" (with a dishonorable mention to "The Friday Night Knitting Club").

Regarding the Sage's views of GS. CNBC has a program (the name of which currently escapes me) that immediately follows Bartiromo. Melissa Lee has four regulars (with an occasional substitute) commenting on different aspects of that day's trading. On the Mon. or Tues. following the initial GS the substitute was a former employee of that concern. When the question of Blankfein being dumped came up, he confidently said it would never happen. His reason, which went unchallenged: in the Sage's covenant with GS on the $5 billion loan, is a clause that gives the Sage an out should Blankfein leave.





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