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October 17, 2006 |

Peter Grieve queries:

Sometimes you say that opponents who don’t care for their own safety are a different kettle of fish. I’m reminded of the writings of George Silver, a sixteenth century fencing master who bemoaned the rise of “Italianated” sword play, fit only for the salon. He said that to become a fencing master, a man should have to pass the following test: And this is the trial: They shall play with such weapons as they profess to teach withal, three bouts apiece with three of the best English masters of defence & three bouts apiece with three unskillful valiant men, and three bouts apiece with three resolute men half drunk.

GM Nigel Davies responds:

Seems very true of markets and I think the S&P is currently resolute and half drunk. Reminds me of Boris Spassky’s description of William Watson, an English GM who became a barrister: “He’s very dangerous, like a drunk machine gunner.”


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