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Dan BoyleGreat sports teams have a way of constantly reinventing themselves. Case in point perennial playoff choke-team San Jose Sharks, who last night found a whole new way to lose an important playoff game — fire the puck into your own net 51 seconds into overtime after you've utterly dominated the other team.

Intending ostensibly to clear the puck from the corner to his defense partner behind the net, Dan Boyle of the Sharks instead wired a very nice back-hand shot between goaltender Nabokov's leg and the goalpost to break the 0-0 deadlock and win the game — for the Colorado Avalanche. And it really was a nice shot, which made the whole thing so much more tragic-comic. In one sweeping back-hand, Dan Boyle generated more offence than the miserable 16 shots the Avalanche attack was able to muster for the whole night.

As the dejected Boyle skated past the goal, you could see Nabokov's head tracking him. I can just imagine what he might have said…

"Nice shot, Dan. I was thinking more like the win and a shut-out, but let's not go there. The world needed to see your back-hand just now– and it really was a nice one.

Or … "OK that was a really good shot, Dan. And for sure we should do this again, but how about just you and me - at practice let's say?"Or … "Dan, do you see the irony?"

Or …"So Dan, like what would your plus/minus be in this situation?"

Reminds me of my gas trading of late actually. If there's anything trading-related that would feel like a game-losing own goal in front of 20,000 people, I'd say for sure that would be it…


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