Flame of the WoodsEvery kid must had been told not to taste the plants and flowers growing outside; but how many of us could resist the sweet nectar from a beautiful flower, whose single drop of heaven-sent cordial is as precious and delicate as morning dew and manna.

I remember as a child, adults warning us especially against the supposedly poisonous Flame of the Woods or Ixora plant, with its bunches of wild-fiery small flowers. But we went ahead anyway.

Pluck a single fully-bloomed flower, and from the bottom of the petals, carefully poke through the base of the petals without severing the stem and puncturing the nectary near the base. If carried out properly, the style, a filament-like string should be exposed. Pull on the delicate style very gently, which should pull the attached stigma at the other end along. When the stigma gets caught at the narrow opening at the nectary, it should release the nectar, forming a single drop of sweet nectar flowing down the style. Lick. Enjoy.


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