Johnny DeppI shaved a goatee today out of boredom and the increasing gray hairs. I must have had that facial hair for a few years. Plus, I am going to get new passport photos and wanted to be true to the look.

My 3 kids and wife never noticed. I was just going about the daily business–must have had numerous face to face interactions with the kids. I made a point of kissing my wife 3 times–and never did she notice!! I even told her that I was going to lose the facial hair since Saturday was coming and I was set to take pics. She even said go ahead, she likes my mug either way–(this conversation was a few days ago, not today.)I finally asked her how I looked sans whiskers and she lost it–she said for me to write in to the site because it must translate into markets! She said "I saw what I knew, not what was true".


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