Would one of you big fish please buy, sell, or short the markets please? The movement, the ranges are too small. The joke around here is day trader's can't even find a way to lose money much less make. No way can the bookies and mistress allow this to continue. Or maybe they can… I hear in 1994 the markets were too slow to trade. That was before my time, so I have never seen this before. Kinda like 2008. Never saw that before either. Ha.

Vince Fulco adds:

Thought it was a hoot earlier in the week when Interactive Brokers lowered FUTS commissions unilaterally for us small, aspirational specs. When was the last time brokers obliquely sent the message 'please trade'? Just a matter of time till we get a relative vol shock; the ecosystem as laid out in EdSpec requires it.


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