one of the great pattern searchers --leonardo fibonacci

Since the publication of Luca Pacioli's Divina Proportione in 1509, many artists and architects have proportioned their works to approximate the form of the golden rectangle, which has been considered aesthetically pleasing. Wikipedia.

When it became apparent that we would have to move our rented art space to a new location, I used 3D modeling software to draw up a design for a new set of studios. I based each unit on a golden rectangle, and did the same with the entire block. I found a way to maximize the amount of light entering each studio in a scalable multi-floor design, and by the end it looked like a set of holiday apartments.

This vision remains in Sketchup, but the studio to which we transferred (serendipity!) is a rectangle very close to being Golden — length / width = 1.618.

It feels good to be and work there. I wonder if there is more than psychology to this effect.


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