It is always interesting when a market 'takes off' or gets 'clobbered', a measuring percentage above the recent ATR, without any news service's being able to quantify above the usual rhetoric. I have often wondered if we could put a measure in place of a dozen drivers of the market, and if no ticks go in any boxes for the said day, then it would be very possible we should be on the move. Measurable by 2-5-10 day/one month performance after said event.

A gold example. I flew up a few days back, and I saw nothing above the norm, on the push from 1110-1130, now 1156 trading. Big pushes without any good reason, and even without any volume (I believe Larry Williams never found any use in volume), depending on your trading size, and the ability to limit risk in this day and age of instant information may be the leading indicator we need.


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