A rare inverted jenny stamp that turned out to be a fake
Just read an update in my morning's paper on thousands of homes infested with defective Chinese drywall (sheetrock). These homes need to be stripped to the bare studs or beyond to get rid of the problems of mold, corrosion, breathing issues, etc. Should be a boon to drywall suppliers, but likely will drive upward drywall costs and create shortages.

Another problem with the Chinese is in the area of collectibles — stamps and coins, most notably. eBay et. al. are full of fakes of better stamps and scarce coins. You need to establish a good relationship with a reputable and established dealer in today's collecting world. The Chinese have taken over the US with massive loans to us. Thus we cannot say too much to them about pirated goods and fakes that flood the internet and the open market here in America.


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