I do reckon I found a gem of a BBQ place and had to go all the way to Fairfield, CT to find it. A good friend, and fellow spec, took me there to prove the Northeast has BBQ that will stand on its own — and he was right. He was quite apprehensive in trying to score a good fix of BBQ, as I'm known for being very tough to please and rather discerning.

Walking into Wilson's (1850 Post Rd, Fairfield, CT) our senses were immediately assailed with the sounds of good music, the sight of tasty food, a funky atmosphere, and very helpful and cheerful employees. Before the food was even discussed and ordered, I had that sixth sense that told me that this would be good. We stepped up to the counter and each ordered a slab of St. Louis style ribs (dry rubbed), and several sides. My companion had sides of beans and slaw, and I had fries and slaw. Wilson's served a lagniappe of homemade cornbread with each order. They provided three different BBQ sauces, a Chipolte, a Carolina Vinegar, and a Sweet/hot sauce. I wasn't taken by any of the sauces, but my companion enjoyed the Chipolte sauce very much with his initial taste test. Our food came very quickly, and we dove in with gusto. The slabs were extremely meaty, tender, and juicy, no dryness at all. I didn't use any sauce, and really enjoyed my ribs as the bark was to die for, and made the meal 100% enjoyable. Anytime one doesn't need any sauce with his ribs means they hit three sevens and the proverbial jackpot paid off big. The sides were awesome, the fries being A+ in taste and quality. The slaw was rather drab, and I suspect the owners preferred to make a bland slaw as to not overpower the meat when used on the pulled meat sandwiches. Anyway, the slaw was a perfect counterbalance to the wonderful taste of the meat. I looked at the beans my companion ordered, and they looked and smelled delicious, being homemade with several different types of beans. The cornbread was especially notable, made from scratch, moist, and with the right amount of salt to give it that Southern zing. I was pleased that Wilson's offered sweet tea. Their sweet tea was the real deal, and would be home anywhere in the South. They offered unlimited refills, which this sweet tea deprived person took full advantage of. All in all, it was wonderful to eat at a BBQ place where it was obvious that the food was prepared with a lot of love, and the staff takes their BBQ seriously. Additionally, the blues cranked on the Jukebox instantly transported me to Greenville, MS — another place and another time.

Jeff Watson, surfer, speculator, poker player and art connoisseur, blogs as MasterOfTheUniverse.

Charles Pennington weighs in:

I heartily agreed with MOTU about Popeye's, but I dissent on Wilson's. I've been there a couple of times, most recently with my wife. We got indifferent service, prices about three times that of a good Southern place, and mediocre food. Also they won't even give you a fountain coke with ice — they'll only let you buy a 12 ounce can if you're nice. It's also small and has not very good seating. There is a place called Bobby Q's in Westport that is pretty good, and there are plenty of places in Manhattan that are fantastic, though expensive. Bottom line though is that whenever I head down South I'm bowled over by the quality, low prices, and plentitude of the 'cue. Most recently I enjoyed Shane's in Atlanta. It's a chain, but it's great.


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