Chess On Ice, from Alan Millhone

February 17, 2010 |

curlingWatching curling as I type, the announcer just likened curling to Chess on ice and spoke of Pawns etc. It would be nice in competitive Chess or Checkers to have the two "sweepers" ahead of you on the board to make way for your advancing pieces so one can make a 'clean sweep'. Is there also be an application to the Market?

Nigel Davies writes:

On hearing a commentator describe snooker as chess with balls one of my more mathematically inclined colleagues produced the following:

snooker = chess + balls
chess = snooker - balls (subtracting balls from both sides)

In the same spirit may I offer the following:

curling = chess on ice
chess = curling off ice

But I guess that board game players should take these comparisons as a compliment…


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