My locally owned lumber yard is feeling the recession. Normally they are open Saturday 8-12 and workers usually work 49.5 hours per week and some of that is overtime pay. Effective today they will close on Saturdays and workers are on a strict 40 hour work week. I heard some grumbling this morning from workers there. I told them to live with it and be glad they have a job.The 'stimulus' will never reach the little guys where it could really be used to stimulate and help small businesses grow and hire more workers.

James Lackey comments:

So let me get this straight. After the worst downturn since the great one.. Now they are doing layoffs? Now, when lumber prices are on the rise enough for a Home Depot upgrade today? Or did they just realize with unemployment very high there is no need to pay overtime? Or is the get the joke a bad hedge?

An example is a LETTER from a SELF MADE MERCHANT TO his SON, LORIMAR "you been in the packing business long enough to know it only takes 30 seconds for a bull to lose his hide; if you believe me when i tell you they can skin a bear just as quick on 'Change you wont have a Board of Trade Indian using your pelt for a rug during the long winter months."

"Because you are the son of a pork packer you might think you know a little more than the next fellow about paper pork. There is nothing in it. The poorest men on earth are the relations of millionaires. When I sell futures on 'Change there on hogs traveling to dry salt at the rate of one a second and if the market goes up on me I've got solid meat to deliver, but if you lose the only part of the hog you can deliver is the squeal" pp 193-94.


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