Here are some thoughts on deception in the stock market:

1. It is a known signal that when the broker gets an odd number of shares to buy or sell, it is the last part of the order. Why not start with the odd number instead?

2. So as not to signal panic, always cover the short going against you with a limit order, not a market order.

3. Don't always ask why xyz stock is up ( or down) just because the position is going against you.

4. When you meet the management of the stock you're short, play extra nice to charm them and commend them on all their accomplishments.

5. Pretend you do not know anything about the stock when speaking to the analyst. This way you will find out what he/she really knows about the company.

6. Emphasize your losses and hide your winnings when talking to people outside your firm.

7. When meeting your broker tell him or her that you haven't been active in his or her region lately but that you're about to enter it shortly. Then continue to use dma.

8. Call the analysts with the opposite recommendation of your position first to find out their story.


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