S&P sets five consecutive big several week maxes in row. 150 billion of Treasuries auctioned next four days.

Beautiful posts on check lists. All of us talk a game so much better than play. Needs to be memorialized. I will do so.

As usual, the big move at beginning of year to set everyone off the wrong way. January barometer boys already got 1½ feet in water.

Playing Nate Robinson will lose as many games for Knicks as they did before as his play is like the mad trader who's always in market like Livermore or Marbury. Let us hope that Donnie Walsh reads Statistics on the Table by Steve Stigler. Ewing's game that set Knicks on terrible ineradicable decline similar to whose? The man who took a round the world cruise after predicting Dow 5000? Too bad they didn't have the figures on percent of offensive rebounds after his shots from 16 feet out. The offensive and defensive rebound stats for basketball teams similar to percent of reversals a la Cowles.

Lobster Chronicles by Linda Greenlaw is a very touching book and her stories of lobster people that died that she knew similar to traders I know who died, including one I know all too well.

A Hispanic might be the next president as all Hispanics have friends and one party gets only 20% of that vote now, because of e-like immigration stand.

Tom Marks writes:

I read that amongst the NBA cognoscenti there's a parlour game as to actually which teams Nate's showboating ways are being showcased for.

The irony is that if his schtick had metastasized on another team and then dangled as trade bait, the always myopic Knicks would be the first suckers to bite.





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