I am sitting in a cigar bar in Orland Park, IL right now with a view to the (largest I have ever seen) humidor, the center of which prominently displays "Ghurka" brand cigars that are $500 per stick. The only other cigars I know of that can come close to this are the pre-embargo Cubans (recalling Kennedy who began the embargo and purchased 10,000 of his favorite cigars prior to announcing same) and the aforesaid Cohibas.

$500 for a cigar is asinine, but I imagine I will see someone smoking one sometime soon while despereately scanning the room to see if anyone notices he has the most expensive cigar ever. It's just impossible for a cigar to be 100 times "better" than something you get at your local smoke shop.

The Cuban cigars are inconsistent, as the soil has been suffering for years from deteriorating farming infrastructure, ageing and defecting rollers, bunchers, etc. That said, there is no better cigar than a good Cuban. The "Ghurka" brand is made by another cigar company, Turano. It's purely a marketing thing, as are most cigars.





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