You wake up this morning and have an extra $10 million dollars in your bank account. You call your banker and find out that your broker overcharged you for commissions and that the money is yours without taxes. Throughout the day you proceed to spend as much as you can; a new car… two new cars, an addition to the house that includes an indoor pool and of course gifts for your family.

You check your statement and find you still have $5 million left so you decide to invest in another hedge fund (you've managed to spend much more than $10 million in broker commissions so you've got a lot of investments). You are presented with the following list. Assuming you know nothing of the investment style or past performance of the funds, which fund would you invest in?

Intercept Capital Management

Alexander Hamilton Capital Management

Federalist Capital Management

Trafalgar Capital Management

Barkentine Capital Management

Bearing Capital Management

Royal Sovereign Capital Management

White Knight Capital Management

Rittenhouse Capital Management

VectorPoint Capital Management

Thank you so much! Any input you have is greatly appreciated.

Kim Zussman adds:

Tiger's Wood Decapitation Management

Tom Marks asks:

Is Prof. Sharpe involved with that outfit?





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