Of ten principles I drew up earlier this year as guidelines for artists, the eighth states "Do not make ideological or political art." Here I imagine the artist to withdraw from personality and get on with doing the job without identifying with the fashions of the day.

Looking at trading as an art (which I believe it to be), this suggests to me that the political provenance of a trader may be irrelevant. A communist and a capitalist may be able to practice it equally well, as they might similarly play the piano or chess. To the trader's art, capitalism (if untrammeled by government bail-outs) functions as the rules of a game. Since I got involved in trading, I have found politics less relevant to me. Similarly, the more I write music, the less I listen to it.

Laurence Glazier is a British musician, artist, philosopher and speculator.

Jim Sogi replies:

I respectfully take issue with "Do not make ideological or political art." I submit that all art has ideological and political elements. The fact that you make it, is proof.

Secondly, my opinion is that it is important to listen to music to write. Other music provides the language people are speaking.


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