A AI was planning to review Agassi's autobiography but he shows himself as such a loathsome character on every page that I don't wish to waste the time before finishing A Terrible Splendor, an excellent book by someone who doesn't know anything about tennis, but does tell some great anecdotes along the way, and evinces the pathos of Tilden and Von Cramm in a heartfelt way. I always thought that Agassi was a terrible sport, and a spoiled good-for-nothing and people would try to dissuade me and say he's changed — but I see my views were correct. I wish I could see as clearly to the bottom line in markets as I can in racket sports.

Charles Pennington responds:

It was an enjoyable book, and I like to watch him play, but it's true that almost everyone who comes up in the book, except for his current inner circle, gets panned in some way or another:

  1. Pete Sampras gives miserable tips to cabbies, luggage handlers, etc, and makes you feel like one of them when he wins.
  2. Michael Chang is sanctimonious, takes God to be on his side in his tennis matches.
  3. Jim Courier, after beating Agassi, went out for a jog to demonstrate that Agassi didn't even tire him out.
  4. Boris Becker blew kisses to Brooke Shields during his match with Agassi in order to tick him off.
  5. Brooke is superficial, talks only about things rather than ideas.
  6. Nick Bolletieri can't be taken seriously as a coach.
  7. Andre's dad tormented him with tennis.
  8. Jimmy Connors is a mean SOB, walks around like Julius Caesar.
  9. Andre's grandmother has a hideous wart on her nose.


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