Today I went climbing.

It's been a couple of months since I got back to climbing after I broke my ankle hitting my foot on a rock.

It just happened after an ordinary fall, one of the several that can happen on a day out climbing.

I still have not got back to my usual form and thus feel a bit insecure when climbing on routes close to my previous limits.

The route I am working on has a section which reminds me of the accident I had.

Every time I approach that point of the route, the "what if" starts stepping in and I stop focusing on what I should do.

Then I apply far more strength then necessary and try different solutions, thinking that it will help.

Unfortunately, it does not, as I get even more tired and then even more hesitant, entering a self-reinforcing loop which increases my chances of falling.

Self-control and sticking to the right movements would be much more effective.

Same when trading.

When things begin to go wrong, instead of focusing, the "what if" starts stepping in.

Typical end of the story is that I 'fall', together with my shares, losing much more money than necessary.

Self-discipline would be much more effective.

To regain confidence, I just have to keep on trying.

As Cheri Huber said, "Every time we choose safety, we reinforce fear".


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