"Frankly Speaking" from Frank Rosenthal.

Q: Why do you insist that a player can't beat the casinos? Is it the math or some other factor that draws you to that conclusion? I've spoken to several bright players who swear that you're wrong. Would you care to comment? Eddy Rocco. Elgin, IL.

A: It's a no brainer — and you can take it to the bank. Can a player get lucky and score? Absolutely, happens every day. However, as I've stated before, the casinos will grind you down, and eventually send you and the "bright players" that you referred to, all the way to Death Valley, on a one way trip! Case closed.

Frank Rosenthal had a pub in Boca down the street from our daytrading shop. He was fun. We watched Tyson lose his first fight and Mr. Frank was busy micromanaging the girls at the pub to "get those boys another beer."

None of us ever asked him the movie "Casino" questions… I guess that is why he talked to us at length about playing the sports book. 

In the movie there is a scene where Mr. Asia leaves with millions from the casino. So they do whatever it takes to get him back in.  They fake the plane being broken down, so Mr. Asia comes back and plays baccarat but at 10k a hand vs his usual 100k limit… and the gist is when he wins Mr. Asia isn't looking at it as winning 10k it's losing 90k.

Ace Rothstein [the name of the character modeled after Frank Rosenthal in the movie]: "In the casino, the cardinal rule is to keep them playing and to keep them coming back. The longer they play, the more they lose, and in the end, we get it all."


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