V NIt is common to use mumbo to show that the market isn't what it seems by saying such things as 30% of all stocks are more than 20% below their 12 month high, or if you missed the 10 biggest days in the market, it's actually down 10%.

It turns out that the 10 biggest days in the market this year have averaged up 33 points. The S&P itself is up 167 points. So: "If you missed the 10 biggest rises you would actually down 162 points this year." Better yet, if you missed the five biggest rises, you'd actually be down 80 points. Left out, of course, is how much you'd be up if you missed the 10 biggest declines, which by the way averaged a mere 31 points down.

On a visit to Vinalhaven this weekend with a young son we were joined on the ferry by 20 members of the Maine Ghost Hunters Society, prompting these thoughts and related ones.


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