What is the meaning of this long, long leg, low volatility but directional, with many up consecutive days? Maybe we have to see it as a sign of decreased strength to move to the upside. Maybe it is just a market where bears are still fearful to step in. The down gap of Monday was another lost opportunity for a correction. When will it come, what event will trigger it?

Steve Ellison laughs:

The correction will begin five minutes after you decide you can't stand it any more and buy at market…

George Parkanyi urges caution:

Well, if we muddle into the next earnings reporting quarter in October, the bar was so low last year that we'll probably see more "surprises" to the up-side. I'm not sure you want to be short that. I'm not sure I want to be short that.

Vince Fulco reports:

Sitting at a fancy bar/restaurant I rarely frequent here in the Midwest, have had the chance to listen to ancillary conversations at other tables. Helps to have been on a trading desk with two phones to ears while talking to a third person besides. All the talk is about the dreck stocks– AIG, FNM, BSX, et al. I feel like I am back in 1998 when the 'concept' stocks went gangbusters while liquidity remained too loose. I hate concept stocks like the plague but you know you are getting old(er) when the cycles keep repeating.


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