Federer1. Never become overconfident when you're winning. Federer should have put on the steam after the first set.

2. Don't argue with the referee during the match. You often get a bad reading of the rules and gypped in training, but if you let it affect you during the fray, you'll lose more.

3. Always assume a family will cheat you in favor of one of their own. Presumably Federer argued about the challenge after 20 seconds because someone in the audience who saw the replay on TV had time to signal Del Potro to challenge.

4. Early ability at an activity can become less important as time waxes, the same way Nadal was able to win because of athleticism early in his career but now his bad strokes will bring him down.

5. Bad fundamentals will always bring you down in the end. The terrible wristy backhand of Federer and the all-around stiffness in Nadal's strokes are bound to cause the former to choke in crucial moments, and the latter to lose everything.

6. A happy family life creates better play. Clijsters was able to win because she wasn't under the pressure of a belligerent father. You can't trade well when you're fighting with the other.

7. Never give up. Del Potro lost seven times in a row to Federer, but a break in the second set gave him the confidence to come back. Just in time… just in time… the market turned.

8. Redistribution creates hateful behavior. You look at others in terms of what they can do for you or what they want from you. The hateful belligerence on the court is the natural outgrowth of the crony stuff at the Department of the Interior. Expect an increase in hostility.

9. Von Cramm and Artie always used to thank the referees for calling foot faults because of their vigilance. Do thank the rules committee, and join it if you want to be bailed out when your belly is turning up.

10. A long run of successes puts you in peril and leads to overconfidence, as the starting upset proved.

11. The reason Federer lost was because of that ridiculous shot through the legs. You always have time to run around that shot. And it's in-your-face to try it in a match and always non-percentage. When he started talking about its being the best shot of his life, and possibly the greatest shot in history… you've won the trading championships for the best performance last year — and you're ready to grow over confident in your niche. At least in trading, as the thread on quitting shows, you can stop at the top. In sports, you just have to pretend you're behind by the same score you just won by. And never showboat.


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