Gold1. In Thursday morning quarterbacking, the one day move in gold from 956 to 978 showed that there were still enough animal spirits left to break the round number. But the web is is always changing. After the 30 most similar movements in gold, stocks declined about 0.3% the next day.

2. There have now been seven daily excursions above and below, three round trips above and below Mr. Big Round in the last month. But how would one test in an elegant fashion if it's consistent with randomness? The artful simulator comes to mind with randomly selected numbers.

V Hugo3. I am reading a biography of Victor Hugo. And the similarity of his life, productivity, creativity, and life force with that of Verdi and Beethoven, comes to mind. What trader, or what company, shows a similar life force, and at what stage of his, or its, career?

4. The market move on Monday is an example of the anticipation is worse than the realization, as elegantly limned with a bow to Mr. E, by Mr. Moe.


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