In the Peruvian Amazon:

1 The girls outnumber boys about 3 to 1 for unknown reasons, hence a man is a king, and a gringo is g_d.

2 I haunt jungle pueblos with no other gringos as a failsafe.

3 The husbands are off working in the jungle. They are away for weeks at a time. Evolution and culture favor extra marital relationships.

4 I maintain two rooms simultaneously: at a $2 hotel for chlorophyl-under-fingernail types of my preference, and a $4 hotel overlooking the river for romantic affluent ladies.

5 S_x is a picnic in the Peruvian Amazon with no ties.

6 These are not prostitutes like the one-armed girl I met working her way through college, but rather normal females of the town.

7 If seeded properly word spreads fast and capitalism pops in. Start with the tenders of the barber shop, telephone booth, and public toilet because daily they encounter everyone in town. Give each a quarter per referral and by the stroke of first midnight s_x becomes a matter of logistics.

8 The young ladies expect nothing beyond s_x, but i´m happy to pay them to go away.

9 Give each girl a tip for referrals.

10 Take the first step.


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