Would it be appropriate to expand our emphasis on BBQ to burgers. I had a very good one at Mr. Bartley's in Cambridge and many say it's the best in world with seven ounces of sirloin freshly ground on a soggy bun. Apparently the owner is a tyrant who yells at his staff in front of patrons and doesn't care about antagonizing customers. The burger there has been compared to Fuddrucker's but I found it much less standardized. Of course, I have seen no prospective studies on life expectancy as a function of burger eating, but would imagine quite a negative correlation as they don't seem to figure prominently in the Okinawa or Mediterranean diets and indeed are verboten in the Shinya diet. But it has to be better than BBQ and perhaps we would do a public service by expanding out of BBQ to a place that has vegetables, albeit the fries at Mr. B's were terrible with no potato taste and all crisp on the outside with a heavy unhealthy saturated fry.


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