B A EIt is great to have a President who is so good with the quips. When discussing government bailouts with the supplicant financial institution heads he said "Allright… I'll talk to Jamie."

John Muir in writing about his favorite dog said the fundamental rule of any survival-challenged expedition (he was jumping over ice floes in the Arctic) is to have an escape route going back before moving forward in case the escape route going back doesn't allow survival.

Mark Twain in writing about his favorite philosopher has an essay saying "show me where a man gets his corn pone from and then I'll know for sure exactly what his politics and friends are like." He goes on to say that you must gear your thinking and activity to those who provide the "pone" or else you can't carry on. A brilliant essay which explains so much relating to the greats, whether spelled the same backwards or not, and the father of the corn irrigation magnate. These essays are in an excellent book "The Best American Essays of the Century" edited by Joyce Carol Oates and Robert Atwan.


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